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Plumbing and Heating

Welcome to A.R. Wright - Plumbing and Heating

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Giant-Electric-Water-HeaterA.R. Wright is a leading supplier of high-quality water heater products, as well as water heater repair. We offer a comprehensive line of residential and commercial water heaters in Calgary. A.R. Wright provides award-winning water heater installations and replacements, with water heater repairs, maintenance and warranty service.

Why do hot water tanks need service?

Hot water tanks will build up over time. You will receive less hot water and your hot water tank will have to work harder to keep the water hot resulting in a higher gas bill. The build up can also cause leaking.

Here are some reasons to keep your hot water tank running optimally:

  • You May Have Less Hot Water, or
  • Pilot Light Problems, or
  • Leaks, or
  • Higher Utility Bills

Why Use A.R. Wright for your 6 month minor and 5 year major maintenance?

Simple! We have the plumbers that have the experience to do the job right. We are a full time plumbing company well versed in the maintenance, repair and installation of top brands, both old and new. We offer competitive rates and optimal service! Call us for a quote today!

We offer supply, installation and water heater repairs of the following:

A.O. Smith
John Wood
Bradford White