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Welcome to A.R. Wright - Plumbing and Heating

Tip #1

Drain Cleaning 101
If you are cleaning sink drains, you can help speed the job along by remembering a few simple things:

  • Foreign objects need to be manually removed. Flushing them out usually isn’t an option, otherwise they wouldn’t be clogging up your drain.
  • Never pour a chemical or biological drain cleaners into the drain first. If you need to snake out a pipe or otherwise manually clear it, do that first instead. Always pour your cleaning agent last.
  • ¬†Wear face protection when snaking out a drain to avoid getting bacteria near your eyes, nose, and mouth

When pouring any cleaning agent, check the packaging to learn proper rinse timing. Some drain cleaning productions need to sit inside the pipes for a period of time to be effective. Don’t let anyone run the water until the cleaning period is over and you have completely rinsed the drain cleaning products away.