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Prevent water contamination with a backflow test!

AR Wright performs backflow testing for residential and commercial clients. Call us today for more information! 403-243-7010

What is backflow?
Backflow takes place when water flow reverses due to back siphonage or back pressure.

Back-siphonage may be caused by reduction of supply pressure or when water supply is interrupted. Here are a few examples:

  • When a watermain is shut off for repairs
  • When internal plumbing is shut off for on-site repairs
  • When there is high water demand (i.e., fire fighting, high home water use)
  • When there are different elevations (i.e., elevated piping, hilly landscape)

Back-pressure can arises from any water system that operates at a higher pressure than the supply pressure such as booster pumps, high-rise buildings, thermal expansion, or high pressure boilers.

Read more about water contamination prevention in Calgary at the link below!


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